Are You Engrossed In Selling Your Structured Settlement? Go Ahead and Walk Away With A Whopping Payment

sell structured settlement

Even for those who have a warped sense of humor, there exists something that will send shivers up and down their spine. Arnold Pinochet had always had a penchant for racing cars, always ensuring his toys accelerate to full throttle while he sat behind the wheel. He had a particular liking for cars encrusted in a racing cage that would cushion him against the impacts inherent in his sport. One day as Pinochet had acquired a new Porsche for his wife, he decided to test the waters by speeding it on a snaky highway. It all started well until he was cornering the automobile when it began to spin out of control causing him to swerve to avoid smashing an approaching petrol tanker. The car hit a side billboard and rolled several times downhill. The horror crash took only a few seconds and the car shortly engulfed by tongues of fire.

His wife sued the automaker for negligent design and product liability when the manufacturer found her lawsuit had high chances of success at trial, and the negotiated an out-of-court settlement. She received compensation for wrongful death which was mapped out on a structured settlement scheme by her lawyer. A structured settlement refers to a configuration that devolves a future income stream to tort claimants in settling a personal injury, malpractice or wrongful death claim. The lengthy litigation and aftermath of her husband ushered a period of financial doom and gloom as she only relied on Pinochet. She later realized she could claim a lump sum like a lottery winner instead of waiting for money cashable bit by bit.

Sell Structured Settlement

What Was She Selling?

Under the structured settlement, she had $1000 monthly payments for 20 years totaling $240,000. Mrs. Pinochet offered all of her future income streams for $150,000 and above. She called several companies, and one of them gave her a quote that surpassed her projected earnings. She decided to sell to them as they assured her it would be the final lump sum after all deductions.

Confirming Her Lump Sum As Offered

The buyer of structured settlement annuity delivered underlying contractual documents. The disclosure statement confirmed the net gross amount above the $150,000 less all itemized expenses. Accordingly, she endorsed the contract and decided to proceed with the sale. The law required her to obtain independent professional advice; she retained a firm of attorneys.

Court Approval Process-Brief and Without Procedural Technicalities Inherent in Litigation

The buyer of her annuities served her with a notice of the court hearing; the venue would be at a stone’s throw in her county. Although she had a disliking for courts and the police, she felt at ease as the judge examined her politely. The court allowed the transfer to go ahead as the discount rate and lump sum cash impressive. After the court’s approval, the structured settlement purchasing company informed her she would receive her monies momentarily. After two days, her streets became paved in gold as every penny had been wired to her end.

Did She Pay Any Taxes to the Federal or State Governments?

No, federal law waives tax on the proceeds of sale recovered from the factoring transaction. Similarly, a court-approved sale of structured settlement exempts the buyer of annuities from paying the 40% excise tax. However, the lump sum would not be cushioned against taxes once invested. To decipher the tax, financial and legal consequences of the transaction, you should consult with an accountant or lawyer.

What if her application was denied by the judge at first instance?

Structured settlement purchasing companies have substantial experience with the legal hurdles. They will deliberate with judicial officers and court clerks to forward your matter to another judge. Another alternative will be appealing to the state Supreme Court if the judge’s findings exceed discretion due to an error of fact or law.

Top 3 Structured Settlement Purchasing Companies in the US

JG Wentworth has attorneys to act as your personal representative and guide, slash you through court bureaucracies, provide conscionable terms in your transfer agreement and buy out your annuities at a premium price tag.

Peachtree Financial Solutions can offer a whacking lump sum payment for a portion or all of your future cash flows; forward your petition for signing off by the judge and disburse your funds in a shorter duration.

Stone Street Capital is a habituated buyer of pensions, annuities, structured settlements and lottery winnings with a vast fiscal portfolio to buy out your income stream at unbeatable lump sum monetary awards.